Addiction and Ayahuasca: Can You Find the Relationship Between Them?

What did you get when doing the research on Well, when someone suffers from the certain illness, they will struggle to find out the best treatment. The next question when finding ayahuasca as the best treatment is if this can help your loved one out of addiction issue, right?

When a family member becomes a drug addict, the effect is sure to spread. Not just the emotional, psychological, and social users, but also the people closest to it. For that reason, awareness of self-education with right understanding can help you deal with and anticipate circumstances. Why are dangerous drugs so enticing? Drugs make the user feel very happy, due to spikes of dopamine and serotonin released from the brain outside the tolerance limit. While addiction, it often happens after multiple drug use – usually more than a year, thus damaging the system and the receptor circuit of motivation and reward in the brain.