Be Careful With The Pollution Of The Surround Because It Could Cause Some of These Diseases

In the present, many people feel respiratory problems and even have problems with their lungs. This happens because of the dust and pollution that disturb them every day. So, there is an electric scooter singapore that you can use to replace the vehicle you usually use. With these vehicles, then you will not produce dust and pollution that usually disrupt the air.

If you frequently inhale smoke from vehicles and other air pollution, it is not impossible that you will be facing various diseases that are very dangerous for your respiratory and body health. Some diseases that can even invade your lungs are

1. Asbestosis
It is a disease caused by asbestos fibers or dust that contaminate the air. Asbestos dust is commonly found in industry and factory areas. Asbestos dust that enters the lungs can lead to stones and symptoms of shortness of breath which is also accompanied by phlegm.

2. Anthracosis
This disease is a respiratory disease caused by dust produced by coal. This disease can be seen in miners or coal workers. It also has an incubation period of 2-4 years and is accompanied by less severe breathing difficulties. However, the disease will become severe if accompanied by complications that allow death.

3. Byssinosis
This disease is a disease of pneumoconiosis because it sucks the pollution of dust or cotton fibers in the air. The incubation period of this disease is fairly long, ie up to 5 years. The initial sign is the chest feels heavy and shortness of breath. The presence of an allergic reaction from the cotton entering the respiratory tract is also an early stage of byssinosis. In this symptom is the worst thing, usually followed by chronic bronchitis that allows accompanied by emphysema.

Of the three diseases that can affect your lungs, then you should be able to minimize the occurrence of the disease by reducing vehicle fumes and various things that can cause it.