Freon is the fuel of an AC

If you feel that your air conditioner loses its coldness lately, even though it is still blowing some air into your room, then perhaps there is a problem with its fuel. Yes! AC uses a fuel, though it’s obviously not for moving, it’s for preserving its “chill” instead. It is called freon, and it is often to be refueled by those who are hiring the trusted air conditioning service regularly.

As you may guess, the coldness of an AC will start to dissipate slowly but surely. That’s why its freon must be refilled soon, so you won’t have to suffer from the blazing heat of summer, all the while your AC consumes the electricity of your house without producing any cold air. If you’re a new AC owner, then you might feel that an AC starts to lose its coldness after 3-5 months of usage. Nevertheless, it’s still depending on the brand of the air conditioner itself, along with the intensity of its usage by its owner.