It’s the Importance of Keyword for Your SEO

If you have used SEO, then you will no longer be familiar with keywords that have to be in the SEO. SEO certainly won’t work properly, it can’t even run at all if there are no keywords in it. In addition, you also need to use the right SEO services for this. One that you can use is seo companies new york.

Why are keywords so important? The main reason is that every internet user will type the words in search engines according to their needs and this keyword will make your website easily found and visited by them. there are several reasons for the importance of keywords for your SEO.

1. The relationship between keywords and SEO
Keyword and SEO are elements that cannot be separated. The keyword becomes a source of organic traffic when users search for keywords in search engines. Then, search engines will automatically provide information about the keywords entered into search engines and relevant.
When you use the right keywords, the website traffic will be in accordance with the business target. In essence, the right keywords will benefit the website, especially business websites in a relatively long time.

2. Brand keywords and generic keywords
There are also brand keyboard terms and generic keywords which means that keywords are related to your company’s brand and keywords that really relate to the business you are running. This keyword must be optimized well for the progress of your website which is getting better and easier for search engines to detect.

3. Long tail and short tail keywords
Short tail or long tail is a term that is often applied in keywords. In essence, the short tail is a short keyword that usually consists of one to two words. And long tail is a long keyword consisting of more than two words.