Know Your Skintone Before Choosing an Appropriate Hairstyle

Have you ever wondered what your skin color belongs to? Not a few people are obsessed with getting whiter skin. In fact, it is actually not the way it works “division” of skin color. How to find out your skin color is to find out about your undertone/skin tone first. Undertone or skin tone is the original color of your skin that will not change even if your skin is sunburned, becomes pale because you are sick, or how often you scrub to get a “slightly runny skin”.

By knowing your own skin tone, there will be many benefits for you, such as easy to determine the shade of foundation and powder, know the best Hairstyles for Black Women, then you can also easily choose the color of lipstick based on skin tone, and there are many other benefits. So, before knowing the color of the hair that is suitable for dark skin, let’s first know your undertone or skin tone. After knowing this, it is expected that you can get the hair color that is right for you.

Skintone can be reduced to three categories, namely Cool, Neutral and Warm. Skintone you can make sure by looking at the color of the veins. If the colors that appear are purple and blue, then you are including Skintone Cool. If the color of the visible vein is between blue and green, then you are a Neutral Skintone. Then, if the color of your veins is green and brown, then you are including Skintone Warm. “Dark skin” included on Skintone Warm. So, if your veins are green or brown, then you can follow this reference.

The choice of hair color that is suitable for dark skin is a variety of shades of red. The question is, which red color is suitable? It is very lucky that people with skin tone warm because you will look suitable for all red, be it bright red/bright red or even dark red like maroon. Choose bright colors like strawberry red if you dare to stand out. With strawberry red hair, your face will look more radiant. You can also “play” your hair color by highlighting.