Making the Roof a Point of View

Most of the building houses often use the fence as part of the point of view or focus on the main view. But the house as seen in this picture is very different because the element used as a point of view the roof of the building located at the top. Before entering the house, we will find a wall or field that uses granite material and is shaped like a regular brick. The shape of this wall has its own unique value because the position is not straight but slightly tilted toward the front. The function of this wall is to protect the soil above so as not to fall or slide down because the land used to build the house is on a higher land. Although only serves as a dike, but the granite wall look is also able to add aesthetic value to the building of the house as a whole. The foundation that is used to make the house is also made higher so that the house’s position also becomes higher. At the front of the top of this foundation is given a bright white color line that makes the foundation look brighter and more artistic, only then the house building erected on this foundation. To make a building like this, you certainly need a roof-making expert that you can get on roof repair.

The location of the erected building takes a somewhat backward position, not in the exact spot above the foundation while the wall on the front using a clear glass that makes the display inside the room can be seen from the outside. The front wall in the adjacent building located next to the main building also uses the same material. Glass walls will be made in several parts, using a frame that is colored brown so as to bring a more fresh and familiar atmosphere. At the top, glass walls are made of the smaller size and are rectangular. While the wall on the side, have a view that is not less unique. At the front, this wall uses granite stone materials such as walls used to create embankments, while in the middle, glass can be applied. What makes the glass wall look unique and beautiful is that the wall can be covered with a small wooden arrangement. The arrangement of wood is designed and shaped like the arrangement of bars that are transverse and curved.

So if viewed at a glance, the look of your house will resemble a tube, but rather oval and split into two. The arrangement of wood is made with tenuous so that the glass wall look still visible more clearly.