Range Rover Most Expensive, Ready to Try?

Are you a big car enthusiast coming from the United Kingdom namely Jaguar Land Rover? This new car manufacturer or a powerful SUV car from England that is Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is known to have launched their latest model car Range Rover SV Autobiography in the arena New York Auto Show 2015. JLR flagship car is the latest variant of the Range Rover the most expensive ever made by the manufacturer today. How not for a Range Rover Autobiography at the official price of US $ 199.495. When compared with previous versions, Range River Autobiography is more expensive at US $ 12,000. No wonder the more expensive price found a series of changes made JLR on the latest Range Rover variants. From the existing information, JLR has changed the whole section significantly. Starting from the exterior and interior look. Even touch to the engine as well, which is the latest Range Rover engine is more perfect thanks to the latest V8 engine. With the V8 engine then this SUV car can give off maximum power reaches 550 hp, from the previous 510 hp only. Want to try the most expensive Range Rover at an affordable price? Relax, you do not need to be hard to find or even get this type of car because you can get it in rent range rover london with an easy process as long as you borrow this Range Rover.

Reported by the launch of the latest Range Rover, making other car manufacturers immediately create an SUV that is not less luxurious with artificial JLR. One of them is Bentley is rumored this year they immediately launched their latest SUV. For the interior looks additional access for passengers who are in the back seat up to the middle compartment. Interestingly in this SUV car is really very luxurious because there are a refrigerator and folding table. While on the exterior there is a grille with a new design that is tougher and more luxurious because of chrome accents are given.