Recognize Two Advantages of Cone Tents

Cone tents are clearly a tent that is always there when you attend an outdoor event. Usually, one of the events that always use this tent is a product bazaar event. You can also get it by visiting There are many types of cone tents that you can choose there.

The cone tent itself has several advantages that you can choose and make it easier for you at an event. Some of the advantages of this tent are

1. For a roof sheath that uses polymeric materials used as roofing materials using PVC Germany or Izzi tent which is a PVC coated tarpaulin.
This material tends to be flexible and the polymer coating makes it less susceptible to damage by heat, cold, rain but its deficiencies usually have problems with dust and dirt or rain that sticks and makes the face of the tent become dull.

2. For the material, the frame uses hollow galvalume which has mild advantages and does not rust easily provided there is no injury to the frame.