Take a look at some of these things before hiring a Photo Booth

Now, a wedding party certainly presents a photo booth for souvenirs that they share with the guests. This will certainly make the given souvenirs add a good impression. It’s a good idea to choose sewa photobooth jakarta¬† in order to get the photo booth you need and want for your party.

However, before you decide to rent a photo booth, you must pay attention to these things.

1. Packages offered
Try to choose a package that suits your abilities and needs you have. because there are several packages that are calculated based on photo sheets or even unlimited.

2. Ask for more details
When choosing photobooth, do not just ask for the available packages and the price alone. Some vendors will definitely offer a fairly high price. Even though you have an adequate budget, you should ask the details of the package offered. Therefore ask how the background design is used, how much the design cost, and so forth.