The best types of lenses for a wedding

Well, for you guys who want to know the best lens for wedding photos, do not worry. The reason, this time we will specifically discuss in depth about it. The lens is to be taken into account from the activities of photography in addition to other equipment such as cameras and lighting. Well, let’s just take a look at the best lens for wedding photos below! Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out the recommended Alliance Wedding photography as well.

Use Tele Lens

The best lens for the first wedding photo is a telephoto lens. Tele lenses are usually used for candid or without the knowledge of the targeted subject. You can use the L series of canon with 70-200 mm f / 2.8 as the camera shoots faster and has the right low light capability. Actually using focal length f / 4 can also but usually is used in open place and not suitable if used in the indoor because of the lack of light.

Prime Lenses

This prime lens with 85mm focal length is one lens that is widely used as one of the best lenses for wedding photos because of the ability to zoom in and zoom out that is in accordance with your wishes. Usually, this lens is used to photograph the bride and groom or also used to take pictures of bridesmaids when entering the building. Interestingly from this camera is producing sharp images at every point.

Macro Lens

This lens is one of the photographic devices that you should also use when the wedding event. The best lenses for wedding photos are usually used to capture images in detail like jewelry that is used, the bride. Macro lens with 60 mm focal length is very fitting if using portrait mode if you do not use aperture greater than f / 2.8. Or you can also use a lens with a focal length of 105 mm and if you use a Canon is usually 100 mm then the results are also no less interesting. Especially when shooting in an outdoor place by taking landscape mode then the result will look more amazing.