Why Are We Laughing When Looking Something Funny?

If you see or hear something funny, then you will laugh, or at least smile. The question is, why people can laugh when they see something funny? Laughter is one form of human communication. Some species of living things are known to laugh too, especially if they are playing or being tickled. However, their laughter is different from human laughter. By visiting familyfitnessfood.com you can find various funny and interesting memes that can certainly make you laugh. Visit our website now and we will make you feel happy!

In contrast to other forms of communication, such as speaking, laughter is done unconsciously. Someone will reflexively laugh if there is a trigger. The trigger is usually something funny or that makes you happy. But sometimes humans laugh not because of something funny. For example, when feeling embarrassed or being tickled. To be sure, you do not have to think to decide to laugh. Laughter happens spontaneously, just like that. So it is very difficult to laugh if forced. Just like crying.

Until now, not known with certainty cause someone can laugh. Laughter is a human act organized by the brain. Laughter is one sign that you are part of a human group.

According to the science of neurophysiology, laughter has something to do with the activity of parts of the brain that produce endorphins. Indeed, until now there has been no ‘center of laughter’ in the human brain. However, experts believe that laughter is caused by a brain response to an emotion-related stimulus.

The researchers also found that children laughed more than adults. A laugh problem researcher says, “Laughter is a mechanism that everyone has. Laughter is part of the universal vocabulary. In this world, there are thousands of languages, hundreds of thousands of dialects, yet everyone laughs in the same way. “